Slave of Saharic

Renn Saharic needs a new Interactive Partner. At an auction selling replicas of women, he picks out the one he wants, but is outbid. However, luck is on his side when the new owner thinks the replica is broken, and sells Renn the love doll. Taking her home, Renn grows attached to his new possession and plays with her as if he were a boy in a toyshop, wishing she were real.

Cadie is a slave from the planet Ceres. She pretends to be a replica to escape imprisonment and ends up on Earth in the hands of a new master that has no idea she’s real. While devising a plan for her freedom, she discovers Renn isn’t as bad as other men she’s known. His gentle passion makes it hard for her to leave. But love can’t be real if she stays to be the Slave of Saharic.

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Renn stuck his head inside the transport container and glanced around, leery of getting caught breaking the law.

“Go on before someone sees us.” His friend Creeg pushed him from behind.

“We shouldn’t be in here.” Renn slipped through the gap, keeping a look out for a guard skulking around the big steel enclosure.

“Hey, you’re the one with the bad love doll.” Creeg brushed past him, always adventurous, never worrying about the trouble he got them into at times.

“Interactive partner,” Renn corrected.

“Interactive partner, love doll, same thing. It’s a machine.” He stopped next to the first rack.

“To relieve tension. You have one.”

“Yeah. Well, I’m one horny mother...”

“Shhh...did you hear something?” Renn grabbed the back of Creeg’s shirt.

“No.” He shook Renn free and trotted down a row of gurney-like tables.

“You still haven’t told me what we’re doing in here.” Renn followed.

“New crop of dolls is going on auction today. You said you wanted to trade yours in.” Creeg stopped and stared at one female replica. “I thought we’d check out the whole batch before you grab the first one you see.”

He did need a new interactive partner, and Creeg was right, he would have taken the first one in his price range.
On individual tables lay the so-called perfectly engineered women. 
Renn moved forward, at-tracted to one particular model. Manufactured on the dwarf planet, Ceres, the robotic replicas were everything a real woman was without any negative emotions. Renn often wondered if it wouldn’t be nice to have one that wasn’t as accommodating. He might enjoy sex more with one that also enjoyed the physical sensations.

“I heard they’re the best. Something about their skin being extra realistic and they can learn from experience.” Creeg lifted the skirt on one and gave a low whistle. “Will you look at that un-used peach.”

Renn stared at the smooth, pale pink skin. She did have a nice shape and tightness to her nether lips. He imagined the inside would also be a firmly structured sheath. A snug fit did feel good.

“What are you doing?” Renn shook his head, watching Creeg slip his fingers into the man-made pussy.

“Testing her, and damn, she’s already warm. That’s a nice touch. I never did like having to stroke them until they heated.”

“You really are horny all the time, aren’t you?”
While Creeg fingered the one, Renn stared down at the female specimen that had caught his attention. Unusually highlighted, and pretty, her honey-blond hair seemed different than was normal on a replica. He lifted a lock and rubbed it between his fingers.

“And soft,” he murmured, enjoying the silky texture against his fingertips.

“That’s it, baby,” Creeg groaned.

Renn glanced over his shoulder and saw his friend taking further advantage. Like a child in a toyshop, Creeg seriously tested the new merchandise. He had his pants open and his cock out, de-filing someone’s future playmate.

Renn resumed his inspection of the interactive woman intriguing him. Besides the difference in her hair, freckles dotted her nose and cheeks. They added a unique beauty to her porcelain smooth face. He reached out to touch her cheek and an electrical jolt shot up his arm.

“Jeez.” He jerked his hand back in surprise. “That stung.”

“Shocked you, huh?” Creeg laughed over his shoulder. “The static in this place is unreal. Twice, I’ve gotten jolted by this love doll. I thought she had some mechanical malfunction before I realized it’s this metal container reacting to us. Good thing, too. I wasn’t relishing having my rod deep-fried.”

“This was different.” Renn cupped the angelic face of the robot and turned her head, inspect-ing her features.
He wrinkled his brow as he noticed the pulse throbbing on the side of her neck. With wiring too close to the surface, she could have problems. He rubbed his thumb against the vibrating spot. Pressing harder made it beat faster.

Creeg’s agonized groan signaled his finish with the toy.
“You found one you like?” He moved in close while tucking in his cock and adjusting his pants.

“Maybe,” Renn answered.

Creeg reached for her skirt and Renn stopped him. “Don’t. You aren’t going to finger this one. I prefer to break them in myself.”

“It’s just a robot. Besides, they go through quality control and if it was done right, then it means a half dozen hairy-assed fellows have screwed all her holes to make sure she works. What do you think that lubricate is in their snatch? Oil?”

“They don’t all get tested.” Renn didn’t want to think about his new doll having a reservoir filled with semen from other men.

“Sure they do. It says so in their advertisement. Why do you think the directions you get with them say to wash before first use?”

Renn shrugged. He never gave it a thought before. It wasn’t as if he bought a new interactive partner all the time. This would be his third.

“Seriously, you have to stop looking at these pieces of equipment like they’re your true love.” Creeg moved on, examining the others in his crude manner.

“Do you ever think about what it would be like to touch a real woman?” Renn stroked a fin-ger down the doll’s smooth neck. The beat of her pulsating wiring stimulated his organ so the stiffy pressed the inside of his trousers.

“What for, these are better. Have you seen some of the woman on this planet? They scare the shit out of me—too manly and way too bossy.”

Creeg pushed the shirt up on a doll and massaged her breasts. 
“This one has some nice fat tits.”

Renn put a hand out, holding it over the feminine chest of the doll he liked. From the shape, she appeared to be well proportioned. Laying his palm on her collarbone structure, he slid his fingers beneath the top, over her breastplate frame. His touch lingered for a half-second and then he snapped his hand back from the thump beneath the woman’s skeletal covering.

“What’s wrong?” Creeg laughed. “Another shock?”

“She has a heartbeat.” He gulped, finding the human detail unnerving.

“Yeah, that other one does, as well. I told you the new batch is better. I don’t think they could get them more lifelike than this.” Creeg plucked a nipple and then pulled the shirt back into place. “We better get going. It wouldn’t be good to get caught in here. I understand the last fel-low they found boinking government property got a lot of time in the slammer.”

Renn let the flow of Creeg’s voice go in one ear and out the other. His focus remained locked on the amazing attributes the new replicas offered. He touched her again, pressing his palm directly down on the firmly rounded breast. He rubbed the tip and discovered another new feature. Her rising nipple grew plump and hard. Fondling the nub spiking the thin cloth of her shirt, he found himself considering doing the same thing Creeg had done with the other doll—testing her.

Stroking her thigh, he reached beneath the skirt, anxious to at least finger her pussy lips. Suddenly, her chest heaved. A ripple of sound hummed from her parted lips and a flutter of her eyelashes accompanied the soft moan.

“What the hell are you doing?” Creeg grabbed Renn’s arm and pulled him away. “You can’t turn them on. She’ll remember every detail about your face and report you to the authorities.”

Renn hurried with Creeg for the exit. His last look back, locked him in a trance with the ro-botic woman’s stare. It was too late to prevent her from seeing him, but somehow it didn’t mat-ter. The blue of her eyes had an amazing realness and nothing beyond the idea of owning her en-tered his thoughts.

“She can’t tell anyone,” Renn muttered. “If she belongs to me.”